ECHO ODYSSEY is an ensemble of vocal soloists that has brought together artists from all fields of vocal art. Interpreting opera, operettas, musicals, popular, movie, evergreen and classical music. Echo Odyssey offers an unforgetable experience through its high-quality performances. The unigueness of “Echo Odyssey” as a movement for developing the artistic potential of creative individuals can be seen in the goals it has set:

-        the development of critical thought

-        the stimulation of independent education,

-        affirming creativity with modest means,

-        the revaluation of forgotten values.

Performing at festivals throughout the country and abroad, the artists are proud of their interpretations of authors whom they especially like, among which they prefer, above the rest, “the king of musicals” Andrew Lloyd Webber, the ingenious creator of the minimalism - Philip Glass and the “Persian Chopin” Fariborz Lachini.

“ECHO ODYSSEY” was established in 2007 as an ideological project of its author Goran Potkonjak, with the goal to nurture traditional authentic vocal techniques “ belcanto di petto”. Chosen soloists have the opportunity to perfect their artistic vocal techniques under coryphaeus Potkonjak, and by doing so, directly continue the line of the well-known doctrine of the authentic technique of singing from the 19th century, which can be traced back to maestro Verdi and famous pedagogues.

Đorđe Petrovic (“maestro di canto-belcanto di petto”), handed down this knowledge to Goran Potkonjak, as he was his last pupil. Đorđe Petrovic perfected this “ highly kept secret” under maestro A. Narducci and maestro Basiola, the famous baritone and student of the legendary pedagogue “Verdi’s baritone” Cottogni (in whose class were Battistini, Lauri-Volpi, B.Gigli, Jean de Resque and others). Thanks to maestro Petrovic a dramatic baritone , the eminent vocal artist, bass Zivan Saramandic developed his longlasting superior vocal form.

“Mr. Goran Potkonjak, possesses very serious knowledge of the real belecanto - “di petto” technigue of singing, whose secrets were penetrated and successfuly used by a small group of the greatest artists (Caruso, Corelli, del Monaco...) about which I can speak of with authority, because my knowledge of this vocalistic school has been, on more than one occassion, recognized by the strictest critics, both domestic and foreign.”

Zivan Saramandic (POLITIKA 22.2.2003.)

With the support of Mr. Saramandic, Potkonjak started the realisation of the preservation of the “belcanto tradition” by forming the ensemble “ Echo Odyssey” and gathering artists (singers, pianists, actors and instrumentalists) from all fields and giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their own creativity.

Mr. Potkonjak, an author of a vast number of shows on Radio Television Serbia, is a critic and a pedagogue.. He has realized over 2000 radio shows about opera singing and dramatical arts. During his 25 year long engagement in the media he has met and worked with eminent people from the world of Art, and has received recognition from the audience and critics. He has done numerous screenplays for radio adaptations and author movies, for which he does screenplays, directing and soundtracks.

The ensemble possesses great potential intended for “gala”- artistic music projects and alternate forms of performances. Managers who have a vision, can realize new and original projects based on the ideas of the creative team of “Echo Odyssey”.




REVUE CONCERT “Vocalistica International”

            Formal concerts with a collage of programs contain numerous musical genres of various style that unites artistic singing: the most popular Neapolitan songs interpreted by soloists in duets, tercets and quartets in the form of medley.

            The concert program encompasses famous film themes, evergreen hits, the most popular music numbers from Broadway musicals and the most demanding works of the “iron” opera repertoire, for all voice types (bass, tenor and soprano) accompanied by piano or orchestra. With the dynamic and constant change of ceremony they introduce and draw the audience into the works of famous composers from various countries (Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Latin America, Persia, Japan, etc.)


The new interactive multimedia musical-drama performance Echo Odyssey is a synthesis of art music concerts, drama productions and movie projects (the acting parts correspond with the musical numbers by way of sublimation of media expression, video projection, and audio matrix, with the live performer on stage - musician/narrator/actor).

Beside author movies from the creative workshop “Echo Odyssey”, a unigueness to the program is given by showing SILENT movies accompanied by live piano performances of the scores from the movies, taken from the examples of such attractrons from the beginning of the previous century.

“ECHO THEATRE” as an original form of performance, syncreotic in character, reaches out to the audience with impressions that spontaneously come about, awakening the perceptions, the guests broaden their capacity for objective thinking. The contents is a symbolically -archeotypical concept that intertwines fragments of music, naration, dramatizes sequences and pictures (video material), binding science and art!

*  What is the purpose of performing Art, if we only contribute to the gaiety of life without making it better?

*  Gain a wider knowledge in order to see the bigger picture! That way you will be less prone to manipulation!

“Live modestly, raise your thoughts”       Goran